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Lidia (solo or accompanied by other musicians) does her own original take on the genre of medicine songs, singing in three different languages, and with a strong emotive LIVE performance that’s extremely unique and connects with people. Her concert is designed to take you into an inner journey and connect you directly to your emotions and your inner nature. music in lisbon

Using instruments such as the guitar, drums, and rattles, the aim is to bring to the listener sounds of the forest combined with vocal melodies that lead them straight to their hearts, to the idea that we are one and all connected.


  • Anyone who is interested in the genre of medicine songs;

  • Anyone who is willing to be in contact with their emotions. music in lisbon


  • Corporate, Private and Community concerts

  • (pre) wedding ceremonies

  • (Cacao, plant medicine) ceremonies music in lisbon

concerts in lisboa


What Clients Say

"I loved your teaching style, I love how adorable, grateful and nice you are, and the fact that you mentioned also your difficulties and of other people so we can see we´re not alone, and we might experience similar feelins and that made me more relaxed and opened to share!"
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