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Sometimes we are so used to living in a high-demand and highly stressful environment that we often do not realize that the lifestyle we are having is not one that supports our well-being. We are constantly being asked to perform and to be productive. The world is moving faster, and we feel the need to move faster as well. However, the advent of modern technology, pressure from the environment around us, high competition, have also brought an increase in chronic diseases, which are directly linked to our well-being. Scientific studies already show that a high percentage of people suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, which can further lead to a burnout. Many times stress symptoms are overlooked by us, and we tend to keep on going until the body eventually shuts down.

These educational programs were developed to bring that knowledge to work environments and communities where change needs to happen on a team scale. 

The classes aim to bring more awareness on how to live a more sustainable life, be more focused and motivated at work by knowing ourselves better, by knowing our strengths and how we can use them in our favor.

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Course: The Power of Mindfulness
(on demand) | 30-day online and/or in person programme

Mindfulness meditation, a milenar practice that has been currently widespread in the West, has been proven to significantly help in increasing our attention, intention, and focus. Based on this current scenario, this program was designed with the idea to support you towards a more sustainable lifestyle using the practice of mindfulness meditation as a tool as well as other informal exercises that can help you to immediately change old patterns which don't serve you anymore.


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Course: Essential tools to enhance wellbeing
(on demand) | online and/or in person programme

This program was designed with the idea to support academics and the corporate world towards a more sustainable lifestyle. It provides essential tools for those who are dealing with stress and anxiety on a regular basis to improve their general well-being with simple tips and exercises which can be easily integrated into the daily routine. This program contains both live classes on meditation, breathing and coaching exercises, as well as recorded sessions on trigger point self-massage, yoga therapy, and food advice. Finally, the idea of this program is also to create a network of support, where people can help and be inspired by others dealing with the same challenges within the academic and corporate world.


  • People looking to reduce stress and anxiety;

  • People who are looking for a work-life integration;

  • People who are looking for a balance between body and mind;

  • People who are seeking a sustainable lifestyle.


  • Corporate, Academic, Private and Community short and/or long-term programs

  • Groups

  • Workshops

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What Clients Say

"I loved your teaching style, I love how adorable, grateful and nice you are, and the fact that you mentioned also your difficulties and of other people so we can see we´re not alone, and we might experience similar feelins and that made me more relaxed and opened to share!"
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