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What can your voice tell about you?

picture by Ana Marta Dias

Why should we start working on our voice and why that can help us heal?

We all feel a different range of emotions. When we react to how we feel the same way for many years this will define what we call our personality traits. We start to get identified with those patterns and we repeat them many times not because they are the most healthy habits, but "just because" our brain is used to it.

But Lidia, What does my voice has to do it all that?

Our voice is one of the most powerful tools we have to express what we want, say what we think, set boundaries, and most importantly LIVE WITH AUTHENTICITY. Our voice is an outer expression of all the power we have inside of us, and that many times we hide from others and even from ourselves.

How many times were you not allowed to speak, or you were interrupted by someone and you felt you were not heard?

How many times you felt you took too much space and you made yourself smaller?

How many times you heard that your voice was not beautiful or that you were talking too loud?

I heard that SO MANY times, especially as a woman (but that post is for another day).

I started singing when I was 12 and my family always encouraged me to do it. Now you might think: "oh, then you don't carry any trauma around your voice right?" WRONG. My dad was someone who always avoided conflict, so whenever I wanted to express my disagreement with the neighbor or tell someone what I was really thinking he would always say: "don't say anything, I don't want conflict".

I learned this behavior from him, and I made myself smaller so many times. I became a people pleaser and found very hard to set boundaries.

When I finally managed to overcome a big part of that trauma, my voice changed immensely. The first time I sang in my "new self" I honestly thought that my voice was coming from another place, from someone else even. At that moment I knew I was singing with my whole being, totally vulnerable and with a naked soul.

And you know what? That felt AMAZING!

But let's go back to YOU.

I want to invite you to think about a situation where you felt you could be your WHOLE SELF. A place where it felt so safe you could express your thoughts and emotions.

How did it feel?

Do you remember any particular sensation on the body?

That's how you should be able to feel when you are being who you came here to be.


In 2022, I had the honor to hold space for many beautiful transformation processes, and I have currently developed a 1-month and 3-month program for those who feel the call to work with me on a longer term.

Feel free to schedule a FREE 30-minute call here 👇🏽 to know more about how it works. and if this is something you want to start exploring together.

Some testimonials

"Experienced a profound healing and opening of my throat chakra at a beautiful private voice opening ceremony. I cannot recommend her work enough, Lidia holds such a safe and sacred space for some deep releasing I was not expecting. My voice has felt much stronger since the session and i’m feeling excited to incorporate that more into my own personal practice and healing work."

Caterina Valente, voice activation trio

"During the voice session gorgeous Lidia guided me to liberate my own real voice from what seemed a deep down hiding place until it came to the surface. It brought me to tears hearing her; so pure and potent! Lidia used her own voice and some instruments during the session and assists you also after the session. Thank you Lidia for creating this sacred space with your ancient innate knowledge in your sweet, helpful, stimulating, kind, soft, peaceful and warm way. 💖 You are truly amazing. May your voice, your being, your essence, your approach continue to heal the world! 🌍 Bless you”

Lenneke Burghouts, voice activation 1:1 online

"I had a really wonderful experience doing a voice activation session with Lidia. I initially contacted her after hearing her sing. Her voice is so beautiful and otherworldly, it really left an impression on me.

I tend to carry tension in the throat and jaw area, and have been slowly working on opening my voice and overcoming my fear of singing in front of others. When I came to see Lidia, her sweet and sincere demeanor put me at ease and I was able to let go of my shyness. She has a very fluid and intuitive way of guiding the practice, which allowed me to express my voice with rawness and authenticity - no need to make it pretty. It ended up bringing up a lot of emotion and release. I walked away not only with new tools in my pocket, but feeling lighter and like I had made a new friend. I highly recommend working with Lidia, she's all heart and a true gem."

Jennifer Caravella, voice activation 1:1

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