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What is mindfulness and mindfulness meditation and who is it for?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

In our modern lifestyle, we are constantly being asked to perform and to be productive. The world is moving faster, and we feel the need to move faster as well. However, the advent of modern technology, pressure from the environment around us, high competition, have also brought an increase in chronic diseases, which are directly linked to our well-being. Scientific studies already show that a high percentage of people suffer from chronic stress, which can further lead to a burnout. Many times stress symptoms are overlooked by us, and we tend to keep on going until the body eventually shuts down.

Mindfulness meditation, a milenar practice that has been currently widespread in the West, has been proven to significantly help in increasing our attention, intention, and focus. Based on this current scenario, the practice of mindfulness was designed with the idea to support us towards a more sustainable lifestyle, to help us to be present in what we are doing, and to reduce anxiety and chronic stress.

In a mindfulness session, we learn a combination of:

· Informal practices which can directly have an effect in our daily lives, such as breathing techniques, how to use our time wisely, and how to optimize our energy;

· How to introduce a formal meditation practice in our lives.

We go from simple practices, such as mindfulness of breath and body, to deeper practices, such as mindfulness of emotions and thoughts.

Mindfulness meditation can be an extremely powerful tool if practiced regularly and if wisely used can help us to integrate cognitive and emotional experiences which are stored in our bodies.

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