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In a sound journey, the focus is to go inwards. While being in a relaxed position, preferably lying down, the participant experiences a dome of different sounds which can act as tools for self-knowledge, emotional unblocking, and stress release. Each session is designed to help you reach a meditative state through sound and vibration, using voice and several different instruments, such as Singing bowls, Gong, Shruti Box, Shamanic drum, Kalimba, Native American Flutes and others. music in lisbon


  • People experiencing stress and anxiety;

  • Anyone who feels like connecting to themselves and their emotions better;

  • Anyone who is interested in sound as a healing tool. music in lisbon


  • Corporate, Private and Community events

  • (pre) wedding ceremonies

  • (Cacao, plant medicine) ceremonies music in lisbon

sound journey lisboa


What Clients Say

"I loved your teaching style, I love how adorable, grateful and nice you are, and the fact that you mentioned also your difficulties and of other people so we can see we´re not alone, and we might experience similar feelins and that made me more relaxed and opened to share!"
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