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Our voices are linked to our power of communication, to the power of expressing who we are in this World. When we are able to use our voices, we reclaim our power and we release old conditionings and old beliefs. Voice activation sessions include various tools to help us reconnect with our inner selves. They go from physical practices to mindfulness practices of deconstructing structural and individual conditionings. In a voice activation session, we make use of grounding meditation, mindful movement, voice awareness, voice healing exercises, and activation of the voice with music.


  • Anyone who feels the need to step into their power;

  • Anyone who feels the need to communicate their needs and establish boundaries;

  • If you like to sing;

  • If you are afraid to sing, but you feel you want to step up for yourself in a safe environment.


  • Corporate and Private events

  • 1:1 and Groups

  • (pre) wedding ceremonies

voice activation and voice healing exercices



The Voice Activation can be guided in English and Portuguese.

Voice Activation Structure

Single Class:


The class structure generally includes a first chat about the main blockages related to voice and communication and the

story of each person's voice and limiting beliefs. After identifying what emotions are most strongly present, we learn how

to allow them to be present, while using the voice to navigate accross different sensations in the body and using it as a

tool for releasing whatever limiting belief is there and creating space for new emotions to come.

We can combine this exercise with either a visualization or somatic exercise depending on each person's need. In the last

part of the session, we can integrate the experience with either a sound healing, a chat, or melodic songs depending on

the person's mind state.

1-month Program:

Working together for a longer period of time can be strongly

beneficial to witness progress and integrate it in a more

sustainable way. In this month, I am completely available to not

only guide you during each session, but also during your

integration the week after each session.

The sessions for the 1-month program are divided as below:


Session 1:

Understanding the story of our voice and expanding it with the


What is the story of our voice?

How are our voices related to how we breathe?

Vowels singing, hissing, humming


Session 2:

Connection between voice and emotions

How do we express with sounds what we feel?

What are our limiting beliefs around our voice?


Session 3:

Somatic exercises. What does my body feel? And how can I

express that with voice?

Exercises to open the heart

Body as an instrument, tapping

I receive. I deserve


Session 4:

How do you shift patterns?

Pause and notice patterns

Investigate your intention

3-month Program:

The 3-month program is designed specifically for each


On top of the offerings from the single-class and 1-month

program, the 3-month program focus specifically on

limiting beliefs, singing techniques, somatic exercises,

circle singing, using an instrument to support your journey,

coaching exercises around the fear of singing alone and in


On the first class, we design our journey based on your

needs and interests and we set the intentions for the

whole journey.

This program also includes homework exercises and

regular mindfulness practices.

Duration & Investment:

  • 60 minutes 

  • 120€ single

  • 400€ monthly package (4 classes)

  • 1100€ 3-month package (12 classes)*

*​can be payed in installments

What Clients Say

"During the voice session gorgeous Lidia guided me to liberate my own real voice from what seemed a deep down hiding place until it came to the surface. It brought me to tears hearing her; so pure and potent!"
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