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Women circles are a safe space for women to reclaim their power, their vulnerability, and their confidence. Women have been silenced for so many years that they have lost their power of communication and self expression. In modern times, women have fought for their rights, so they could show how strong they were, and some have forgotten about their feminine powers of intuition and trust during this process. music in lisbon

Holding a safe space for women to be themselves can offer a great healing power. In the circles, we are able to explore different themes and a combination between meditation, journaling, music and voice activation to guide inner processes or release of past conditionings which don’t serve us anymore.


  • Women to want to step into their power;

  • Women who want to rediscover their role as a women and release old patterns;

  • Women who want to connect to other women and to themselves in an authentic way. music in lisbon


  • Corporate, Private and Community events

  • (pre) wedding ceremonies

  • (Cacao, plant medicine) ceremonies music in lisbon

women singing circle lisboa


What Clients Say

"I loved your teaching style, I love how adorable, grateful and nice you are, and the fact that you mentioned also your difficulties and of other people so we can see we´re not alone, and we might experience similar feelins and that made me more relaxed and opened to share!"
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