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Lidia is a singer and songwriter who performs concerts, and facilitates sound journeys, women and singing circles, and voice activation workshops. Read more...

therapy in lisbon

Lidia offers stress and burnout coaching, and mindfulness and meditation sessions for both group and 1:1 settings. Read more...

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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change" - Carl Rogers

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Scientist by education, I was always fascinated to understand how the human mind worked. I would dig into self-help books my aunt had in her house when I was about ten years old, and I was curious to understand why people would behave in certain ways and what could I do to help them. Despite having this strong analytical and disciplined side, my artistic side was also pretty present since childhood. I was part of every school play and dance performance, and at the age of 12 became the representative singer for my school.

These two sides of me lead to who I am today. A coach, who wants to bridge the gap between science and spirituality and help people in strengthening their mental health, a yoga teacher, who wants to help in facilitating the connection between body and mind, and a singer and songwriter, doing my own original take on the genre of medicine songs, singing in three different languages, and with a strong emotive LIVE performance that aims to connect with people in the frequency of the heart.

What Clients Say

""Hey Lidia, Just tried this (meditation exercise) at the end of a crazy work day and I must say I feel much more relaxed. I´m so glad you shared this. I´m not really a workout person, but meditation seemed quite relaxing".."
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