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Mindfulness has been translated as "presence with awareness". Both mindfulness and mindfulness meditation have been used to improve mental health, increase concentration and focus, calm the mind, and many other benefits currently supported by scientific studies. By using these techniques mindfully, they can help us become more productive at work, more focused, more thoughtful, and more aware of our relationships. With daily practice, we can begin to observe a transformation in ourselves and how we perceive the world around us.

While mindfulness meditation is related to a formal practice, mindfulness by itself can be easily implemented in our daily routines without much effort and requires only a few minutes a day. The mindfulness sessions are developed to raise awareness of what is happening in our bodies and mind in the present moment and help us in strengthening our mental health. It invites us to take the role of the spectator and recognize our own thoughts without getting attached or identified with them.

yoga in lisbon mindfulness and meditation



The mindfulness classes are designed for:

  • People experiencing stress or burnout;

  • Anyone interested in leading a healthier lifestyle and in improving mental health;

  • Anyone who wants to improve focus, productivity and creativity


  • Corporate, Private and Community events and/or long-term program

  • 1:1 and Groups

  • Workshops

  • Talks and events

  • (pre) wedding ceremonies

yoga in lisbon

BeHaus lisbon or at your home

What Clients Say

"I loved your teaching style, I love how adorable, grateful and nice you are, and the fact that you mentioned also your difficulties and of other people so we can see we´re not alone, and we might experience similar feelins and that made me more relaxed and opened to share!"
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