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Are GIVING and RECEIVING the same?

This question has popped up in my mind many times

Do I give just because I want to receive something in exchange?

If you are familiar with the yamas and Ashtanga Yoga, one of the principles of yogis to deepen their practice is called "aparigraha", which means non-possessiveness or non-giving-and-receiving. But what does that mean and how can I apply this principle into my daily life?

So, let's try an example. If you give someone a gift or when you help someone, do you expect gratitude from the other person or to feel loved BECAUSE you did something for that person? Or do you feel that sometimes you are giving something that is YOURS and you are sharing it with someone?

Aparigraha is when we don't separate the giver from the receiver.

When we see the other as an extension of us, we give because by giving we are also receiving.

We give love, because by giving we are also receiving love

We give money, because by giving we are also receiving

We give quality time, because by giving we are also receiving...

...from ourselves

When we treat everyone and everything as part of us, we don't look at actions and things individually, and we trust, because the universe has very clear laws regarding our interconnectedness.

I am not saying this is an easy task. We are all human beings and we will fail many times. So how to start?

See if you can bring more awareness to your everyday life.

Where are you doings things for others and expecting something in return? and when do you get angry or irritated when you DON'T get the things in return you expected?

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