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DO NOT SETTLE for less

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

DO NOT SETTLE for less Do not settle for a partner who doesn’t love you fully Do not settle for friendships which don’t nurture you Do not settle for a job that doesn’t motivate you Do not give your time to things and people who are not aligned with who you are Do not say YES when you want to say NO So many times we do things and engage with people who are not good for us because of the fear of being alone or not being loved… Or because of security. Because we want to control and be certain of what will happen. So many times we settle for less, we forget our worth, we live a “perfect “ life because it is more convenient. So many times we don’t take risks, so many times we don’t love fully, we don’t give ourselves because we are afraid to be hurt. We don’t change our boring jobs because the current one pays the bills, so we prefer to live with the frustration and comfortable position of controlling our environment than to ask ourselves what we really want. Pushing our boundaries can be indeed scary, saying what we want can be scary, loving can be scary, freedom can be scary. And yet, moving freely and enjoying the choice WE make every day is so freeing Not carrying society’s choices on our shoulders is so freeing Being with a partner we consciously choose is so freeing. Do not TRADE yourself for others. DO NOT settle yourself for less. Being YOURSELF is a revolutionary ACT.

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